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Experience Lab

We are a company specialized in providing travelers and businesses with the most memorable experiences in favorite events worldwide..

Our extensive variety of adventures is managed by a strong team of professionals with over 30 years of experience in travel and sports events.


Hospitality tourism

We offer experiences

that will allow guests to discover that it's not just about the destination but about those moments that cannot be planned and that become priceless memories. In every journey, we seek to provide a touch of authenticity and warmth that will make every step of the way unique and memorable.

We take travelers to the most impactful sports events around the world, from the World Cups in soccer and rugby, the Copa America, Grand Slams, to Formula 1 assisting guests in every aspect of their trip, where every detail is designed to enjoy an unparalleled level of hospitality. We adopt a consultative and personalized approach, ensuring unforgettable moments in every destination. Get ready to experience the extraordinary with us.


Event Tourism

We take you guests to the most impactful events around the world, from cutting-edge technology conventions to thrilling concerts and unique artistic experiences.

Our experience in travel management allows us to offer customer-centered packages that unlock unforgettable experiences across a wide range of events, strengthening connections and expanding horizons. Immerse yourself in the excitement of the world's standout events, regardless of their nature, and discover a world of opportunities to create priceless memories.








Our professional Graphic Designers give life to the projects, working with the most up-to-date tools. Our experts in web design, with expertise in HTML5, CSS3, Foundation, JQuery, among others, work with emphasis concentrating in both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the projects. UX and UI are the key points of the projects where they work along with the Marketing Team.

We generate new business ideas focusing on the needs of our clients and we handle the resources according to the specific characteristics of each project. We follow clear guidelines which guarantee the commercial success of the product. We guide all work groups and we carry forward the projects working hand in hand with our client through the whole process.

We have a team of Systems Engineers with expertise in the latest and most relevant technologies working with the best tools to ensure superior quality in all our developments. Besides the tools and languages already mentioned, we also work with Ruby, Ruby and Rails, Python, Pho, Java, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angulars, Strus, Spring MVC, JPA, Hibernate, JSF, among many others.




We are well aware that software is a tool that must generate an aggregated value, so we work shoulder to shoulder with our clients through the whole process: from the first idea and its development until the buildup and successful start-up. We also provide services for foreign companies and those that do not have enough room available to add more job positions. We take care of designing and implementing integration and communication systems, providing infrastructure and development, ensuring the control of the evolution of each project maintaining quality standards.


We come up with reliable Web Solutions and scalable systems specialized in Java and Ruby On Rails, complementing them with technologies such as Spring, Hibernate, Jquery, Angular and Bootstrap.


We have a broad experience in designing, developing and testing under traditional methodologies like RUP, and applying dynamic testing strategies such as SCRUM, for which we implement automatic, unitary and continuous integration practices, among others.


We have a team dedicated to the research and development of Mobile Solutions for the most popular platforms (Blackberry, Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Mobile) and we specialize in Operating Systems iOS (Iphone - Ipad) and Android. We are well known for our promptness in delivering solutions and have successfully worked for major companies in Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina.



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